Thanks to our close and long lasting collaboration with leading manufacturers of varnishes, we can provide our clients with the finish that best fits each product

We offer all types of exterior and interior finishes for a variety of products: food, decor, industrial, pharmaceutical, etc. We have certification to work with NI BPA coatings and BPA NON.

We have the latest technology in measurement of varnish layers and a top-of-the-line artificial vision system that instantly detects any defect in coating, allowing us to control the traceability of each product.

  • 3 independent Mailänder coaters with LTG ovens
  • 2 Tandem Mailänder coaters with LTG oven, with capability to apply two coatings in one run (verse-verse and verse and back).
  • All coaters are equipped with automatic turners of packaging at the end of lines.