Our Photomechanical department is coordinated by highly qualified personnel equipped with cutting-edge tools. We work in coordination with major design agencies to achieve the optimum result for our clients.

Thanks to our color management system we can digitally reproduce the results of industrial printing, and make any necessary color adjustments with great accuracy and speed, providing the capability of doing ISO certified digital proofing, both in paper and metal.

We work with the latest versions of software and hardware available in the market and an innovative color engine that manages the color of each printing line, guaranteeing the color requested by the customer and certifying the same quality in different runs

Our software can calculate the distortions of any type of metal, regardless of thickness or hardness, for optimum pre-distortion. This tool is generally used to print two-piece containers or lids. We can also create and deliver 3D PDF files of the Product to our customers.

  • COMPUTERS AND SERVERSfor image processing (PC and Mac).
  • 2 CTP: 1 from Fuji and the other one from the last generation of AGF with XMF workflow and GMG color management. Test systems on metal support that allow testing on tinplate, TFS and aluminum. These tests provide the capability of drawing and/or assembling packaging for presentations to clients prior to manufacture.
  • PRE-PRINT: with FM usability of frames (stochastic screens) or 220 lines per inch, and the ability to print in Hexachrome.