Yes to metal packaging

Metal packaging offers many benefits both for the consumer and for the supply chain. It is efficient, safe, sustainable and innovative.

A perfect example of the circular economy

Metal packaging is in a very strong and consolidated position when it comes to implementing the principles of the Circular Economy. The three Rs of ecology—reducing, recycling and reusing—have served as the working basis for this industry for decades now. Since the very beginning, the sector’s DNA has been focused on reducing the consumption of resources, eco-design and recycling and recovery of valuable materials like metals for producing new products.

Today’s metal packaging is considerably lighter and uses less material than the one produced years ago. This leads to lighter packaging and has a very significant impact from a sustainability perspective, particularly in relation to transport and subsequent waste management.

In addition to these factors, there are also other well-known issues such as its use in the fight against food waste or the advances that have been seen in recent years in terms of packaging design, which have been key to modernising its image and offering consumers attractive and sustainable alternatives.

It can be recycled forever

One of the main properties of metal packaging is that it is made using natural elements that maintain their physical properties forever. As opposed to other types of materials, metal can be recycled endlessly, and all of its properties remain intact after it has been converted, remaining available for future generations. This is why metal elements are never lost, they simply take on different forms: metal packaging can be recovered, melted down again and converted into different products. For example, you can make a bike with 700 tin cans, or a wheelchair with 1,678 aerosol cans.

Metal is the most commonly recycled packaging material in Spain..

83.6% of metal packaging is recycled, a figure that exceeds the objectives established by the EU and that positions Spain among the countries with the best results. Separating and recycling metals is a simple and highly efficient process as they can be easily separated from domestic waste using magnetic or eddy current extraction devices. The industry’s environmental commitment is to continue working to ensure that all metal packaging is deposited in yellow recycling bins, thus achieving a recycling rate of 100%.

Safety, design and innovation for the consumer

Metal packaging has undergone significant technological advances and today offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and finishes, making it the smartest solution for industry and for future generations.

Metal packaging is unbreakable, capable of resisting extreme temperatures and pressure and offers a total barrier against light and oxygen. It is the perfect choice to keep your product safe.

The metal packaging industry is always looking to the future, innovating and responding to the changes in society: microwaveable cans, aluminium bottles, high-vacuum and easy-open containers, drink cans that cool themselves, cans that can be used as cups, easy-open flexible aluminium lids, aerosols with new formats and bi-compartmental technology, packaging with digital connectivity, packaging with high-quality printing, engravings, tactile or inlaid finishes, premium containers that look like small jewels, etc. The innovations and advances that have been made in recent years have been key to offering consumers more attractive, convenient and sustainable alternatives.