What do we do?

We are specialists in offset printing and coating of metal sheets for the world's leading packaging and closure manufacturers.

We provide high-quality coating and printing services for metal sheets that customers subsequently convert into
a wide variety of different products: from classic tin cans for food to aerosols, decorative packaging, twist-off lids or crown caps.


Litalsa provides varnishing and offset printing on metal plates for a wide variety of packaging and metal products to a vast range of industries, meeting the stringent technical and specific requirements of each application or sector.

Our values


We are pioneers in the use of advanced technology for the field of lithography.

Our people

Professional qualified employees with high levels of training and extensive experience.


Our philosophy at Litalsa has always been to provide an excellent quality service, both in terms of product and delivery times.


A programme of continual improvement in terms of respecting and protecting the environment.


  • Product experience.

    Agreed quality certificate.

  • Technical customer service.

    Process control recommendations.

  • Quality control/management.

    A team with extensive experience in the metal graphics industry.

  • Continual improvement plan

    to satisfy the needs of our customers.