At Litalsa we care about our people, the quality of our products and the environmental protection.


Our philosophy at Litalsa has always been to provide the best possible service to our customers both in terms of delivery times and the quality of the products we offer.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which means being involved in all of our customers’ innovative activities by assessing their problems, providing fast and creative solutions and adding value to their business with the best quality. Litalsa focuses its efforts on the development of new technologies; dor instance, the moment we installed artificial vision in all our lines to achieve better quality control.

Our planet

We care about the environment and we work hard to continually reduce the potential negative effects of our activities on the environment.

We have a particle incinerator in all our furnaces, which means we release zero polluting particles into the environment.

As a management tool for developing our Environmental Policy and to ensure that the company’s operations are environmentally-friendly and comply with legislation and the established environment policy, Litalsa uses a WMS based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Our environmental policy serves as the basis for actively driving continuous improvement and for developing specific environmental goals and programmes. This Environmental Policy is understood and followed by all people who work for the company or on its behalf, and it is applied to all of Litalsa’s activities and services in normal, abnormal and emergency circumstances.

Food Safety

Safety is a fundamental issue in the food industry, that’s why we have implemented the most appropriate measures in our processes and systems in order to meet the necessary safety and quality requirements.

As part of this line of action and in line with the world food safety protocol, we have obtained the following certifications:

Social responsibility

We are well aware of out active role as a company that generates wealth, employment and quality products and services, in addition to other benefits for our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in the community and environment where we operate.

We actively contribute towards sustainable development through our firm commitment to establish a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and compliance via the introduction of social responsibility criteria (in economic, environmental and societal terms) as a guarantee for competitiveness, risk reduction, good governance and improvement of our organisation’s management.

Along these lines, Litalsa has obtained the “LETTER OF CONFORMITY” certification, which confirms that it complies with the underlying principles of SMETA 4 Pillars (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit): Health and Safety, Employment Standards, Environment and Business Ethics.

Litalsa has adopted a communication method (the Whistleblower Channel) that allows all its employees to communicate, in a confidential manner and with a simple form, irregular activities and behavior that might be inappropriate to the Code of Conduct or any other normative.

The Whistleblower Channel is available for administrators, managers and Litalsa’s employees, as well as for those related to the company: independent auditors, customers and suppliers.